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Five Key Places To Visit For Empty Nesters

Saying goodbye to the children after they’re all grown is often a difficult and emotional experience. Admittedly, you’re probably having a hard time adjusting to your new life and flexible schedule. So while trying to get used to the new changes, why not use your new found freedom to travel and see the world?

Having a child-free getaway that includes all the destinations you’ve always wanted to visit should be at the top of your priority list. Given that your children won’t be there during your vacation, you want to include destinations that offer sophisticated adventures.

In other words, you’re probably less interested in destinations bridled with petting zoos and theme parks. Instead, you’re more interested in destinations that can afford you perfect dining and wining and experience of rich history and culture.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with suitable trips, below are a few suggestions.

Buenos Aires

Empty nesters looking to experience a rich blend of culture and history, Buenos Aires should be their top destination. Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital is a mix of the Latin American and the European culture. Of course, the fact that it maintains its historical beauty, from cobblestoned streets and old fashioned architecture, draws people.


Any empty nester will be quick to confess that a more private and secluded destination is what they yearn for. Of course, this is usually true for those looking for a destination that offers quiet, relaxation and an enviable amount of serenity. You can visit the beach towns and enjoy the ocean view from their white sandy beaches.

Alaska’s Inside Passage

The Inside Passage is known for its breathtaking orca whales and majestic glaciers. Thanks to Alaska’s cruise line, you can enjoy a much-relaxed atmosphere as you view the creatures of the Inside Passage. These cruises often include wilderness excursions that can either be conducted on a Kayak or a helicopter.


Charleston is a city that will have you traveling back in time. The city is particularly known for its cobblestoned roads and 19th-century architecture that perfectly match the horse-drawn- carriages on the streets. It’s no wonder that the city secured the top position in the Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards.

Southern Utah

Southern Utah is home to Bryce Canyon, Zion national parks and Arches just to name a few. Its scenery marked with red rocks and yellow dirt makes for another world appearance.