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April 4, 2019

Looking for Love…Online?

The world of online dating may seem extremely unfamiliar to those who are 55+. You probably never imagined that you’d turn to a computer to find love. There was once a time when people feared meeting others online. Today, it’s the number one way singles meet and hook up. The internet has changed everything from how you buy a pair of socks to finding love. The days of meeting people at hangout spots are long gone. No one has the time for that, and we don’t live in a society that likes to socialize much.

Always be truthful in your profile

It may be tempting to want to tweak a few things. If you feel the need to lie, then don’t mention whatever it is. It’s better to go that route than it is to start the relationship on the wrong foot. Sure, it may be a little white lie, but it’ll catch up with you. If you’re not a lawyer, don’t say you are one to hook up with someone who’s pickier. Anyone worth their salt will accept you for who you are.

Post an up to date profile picture

Everyone looked better thirty years ago and that’s just the truth. You don’t want to post a picture of yourself from way back when. Imagine for a second how you’d react to meeting someone for the first time, and they didn’t look like someone in their profile? It’s possible to tell if a person is posting a picture of the age they are claiming to be. A person who looks forty isn’t going to be 65. No matter how much we want to think we look younger, it’s just not possible to pull something like that off.

Always meet in public places

Don’t invite them over to your house or visit a stranger. There are plenty of places in public that make for a great first date. If the two of you are low on cash, then go for a stroll in a park or a museum. You can even pack a picnic where both of you bring whatever it is you want to eat. It’s never a good idea to meet someone you don’t know in a secluded area. Put safety first and meet each other at a very public place. A restaurant is a great place or even a coffee shop to sit and talk to each other.

Make use of your cam

Almost all laptop computers these days have cams. If you have a smartphone, then you’ve got a cam. There are free services like Skype that allow you to see and talk to people over the internet. Skype is the best out there, and everyone should use it. Something changes in people when you talk and see them. It enables you to connect on a very human level without having to leave your comfort zone. You’ll be able to see if the person has characteristics that you find attractive or offensive. You don’t have to chat on cam for hours upon hours. A few minutes to get to know each other a little better is all it takes.

And remember, online dating isn’t just for your grandkids.

The reality is, it’s almost impossible to meet anyone in today’s world. You are at an age where trying to find someone is difficult. Life itself is starting to slow down, and that poses challenges in itself. There is nothing at all wrong with using the internet as a means of finding love. You will be surprised by the people online who are trying to hook up.

You deserve to find love and to be in love. It’s the most beautiful feeling in the world and denying yourself of it is a crying shame.