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The Best Jobs to Take When You’re Ready to Retire

Working gives us a sense of purpose. When you’re closer in age to retirement, finding a job that still gives you purpose while letting you enjoy life is key. Luckily, there are many part-time, seasonal, freelance, and flexible job opportunities out there. Driving Uber and Lyft or selling products for companies like Mary Kay are common examples. But here are some unique job ideas for your post-retirement career.

Notary Signing Agent

Becoming a notary signing agent is a one way to make money on your time schedule. A notary signing agent is a notary public who guides people through the signing of their real estate documents such as a home purchase, sale, or home equity line of credit. It involves witnessing signatures and making sure documents are signed in addition to notarizing documents. Notary agents often travel to a signer’s home, work, or another location at an agreed upon time so that the signer doesn’t have to go to a title or real estate office.

Notary signing agents make anywhere from $75 to $200 per appointment and you take appointments based on your availability. You must be a commissioned notary public in your state and pass a background check first. After that, taking training courses like those offered by the National Notary Association or the Loan Signing System will help you become a better signing agent and book appointments.


Tax-Preparers are vital especially during tax season which lasts from January through April. If you’re looking for seasonal work and have a mind for numbers, this is a job to consider in retirement. Companies like H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt hire large numbers of tax-preparers to assist them with the huge numbers of tax returns submitted each year. The job typically involves reviewing standard returns.

Organizations like AARP have resources to help you build up experience and big tax-prep companies start offering classes in the fall to help train preparers for tax season.

Park Ranger

Each year, the National Park Service hires more park rangers for its summer surge. During this time of year, there’s a need for people to work in hotels and restaurants around the various national parks. Some may even get to work at a historic lodge.

There’s a few different ways to find jobs with the park service. Some are posted directly on a National Park’s website or on a state’s park website. Other seasonal work is posted on the government jobs website, Aramark helps run facilities and concessions for the NPS so job opportunities are available there too.


If you like meeting people and have a positive attitude, being a bartender during the day at a restaurant is another career option. Opportunities are widely available. Start by checking online job boards like Indeed or Simply Hired in your area.

Patient Advocate

The health care system is complicated, especially when you find yourself trying to help a loved one get the right medical care when they are sick. If you have a background in health care, being a patient advocate is a career option with different variations depending on what you feel comfortable doing.

Going to medical appointments with a family in need and helping them interpret the information they receive is one way. Patient advocates can also help clients understand medical bills and talk with hospitals to understand charges. Setting up appointments for doctors, therapists, and other services is another way to advocate and assist people.Organizations do hire patient advocates but you can also learn how to start your own patient advocacy business too.

Working in retirement doesn’t mean returning to a 9 to 5 position. These jobs are just a few examples of second careers that provide an income without sacrificing the time you deserve to travel, spend time with family and friends or enjoy hobbies.